It’s a girl !

A huge congratulations to EMS medics Sheldon, Jeremy and stagiaire Pat for successfully delivering a baby girl at the end of their evening shift of February 18th, 2010!

The EMS crew was dispatched to a house on Guelph and upon arrival found a woman in the birthing position starting to crown. The crew went right to work, opened the OB kit, got their gear ready and coached the 41 year old second time mother as the labour progressed and delivery became imminent. Five minutes after arriving on scene, the baby was delivered. The crew gently moved the umbilical cord from around the baby’s head and wrapped the baby and placed her on the mother. They checked the APGAR score and the vital signs of mother and baby. Urgences-santé arrived about a minute after the birth and transported the mother and her newborn baby to St. Mary’s, where they are reported to be doing well.

Great job, Sheldon, Jeremy and Pat. You made us proud!