Cont-Ed: May 2010

The Continuing Education team is proud to announce the May session will be on the new Ferno Pedi-Pac immobilisation kits and Stryker stair chairs. The goal of these sessions is to familiarize and educate members on these two new pieces of equipment that Urgences-santé now carries. Instead of fumbling around on a call trying to learn how to use them, come explore and learn in a relaxing environment.

There will be 3 sessions available:

Monday May 24th (Victoria Day) from 1 to 3pm – by Mark Metivier
Wednesday May 26th from 7 to 9pm – by Howard Wong
Friday May 28th from 7 to 9pm – by Howard Wong

Please RSVP with Phil to sign up for one of these three sessions.

It is important that EMS stays at the top of its game and keep up with new theory, techniques and equipment. EMS members take great pride in being able to perform when it counts, so in the next coming months, the Cont-Ed team will organize a number of monthly lectures, interactive sessions and practice scenarios.

If anyone has any ideas for future Cont-Ed sessions, please contact the Cont-Ed team of Leon, Phil and Sheldon.