Changes to gas system at Public Works

Ok… so you need a scorecard to keep up with all of the changes, but hopefully this will be the last set of changes for a good long while and the system overhaul now seems to be complete.

Step 1. Enter the yards, using the gray chip that is on the RAM key ring to open the gate. If the fence behind the gate is closed, use the key to open the padlock and push open the fence.

Step 2. Put the nozzle into the vehicle and turn on the pump.

Step 3. Go to the terminal that is in the middle of the tank and pass the blue chip (which has now been placed on the RAM key rings also) in front of the red button (see the photo, left). Enter the PUMP number and press OK. Either pumps 1 or 2 can be used to refuel EMS vehicles.

Step 4. Enter the HOURS of the vehicle (there is a dial in all of the vehicles except for 836… use the mileage instead) and press OK.

Step 5. Enter the employee ID # 123 and press OK. You should then be able to start pumping fuel.

When you’re done, approach the gate and it will open automatically. Please leave the fence and it’s lock in the same way it was when you entered the yards.

Confused yet ? It’s easier than it sounds… try it… you’ll see.