Goodbye prio 2… hello prio 3 !

On Tuesday, February 22, Urgences-santé will be launching their new RAO (computer-assisted dispatch) system. The new system has added functionality and a better user interface. One of the major changes that will affect EMS is the change of the priority system.

Priority 1 calls remain immediately life-threatening emergencies and will require a 10-30 response from EMS.

Priority 2 calls will be for “stat” transfers between hospitals. EMS will not respond to priority 2 calls.

Priority 3 calls are the former prio 2 — potentially life-threatening emergencies. EMS will respond 10-30 to prio 3 calls.

Priority 4+ calls are non-urgent calls, inter-facility transports and other types of affectations. EMS will not respond to priority 4 or higher calls.

So don’t be surprised if you get toned out for a priority 3 call… you will be expected to go !