EMS 2.0 now underway

Last week about 30 members attended the launch of “EMS 2.0”. Chief of Operations Michael Glazer unveiled his vision for improving EMS. This bold initiative stems from extensive discussions with a large cross-section of volunteers, including experienced drivers, new medics, trainees, officers and staff.

The Chief’s plans also follow several months of consultation with Public Safety Director Jordy Reichson, City Manager Tanya Abramovitch, Councillor (and former medic) Ruth Kovac and myself. Director Reichson will spend much of 2011 focusing on the other areas of Public Safety leaving the volunteers considerable latitude in running the operations. Chief Glazer will report to the Director, City Manager and myself.

Director Reichson also announced plans to overhaul the incentive program to make it simpler and fairer, to roll out the “Lifesaver Fund” fundraising campaign to solicit partnership in sponsoring critical equipment and programs for the volunteers, a Community Emergency Response Team under former EMS officer David Sasson, as well as plans for a new vehicle, to be numbered 838.

2011 will prove to be an exciting year for EMS, with plans in the works for a provincially-recognized training program. This will benefit new and existing members, grant members certification from the ministry of health, allow for faster clearance of trainees, allow for a more streamlined approach to driver training and ultimately, ensure that EMS continues to be a top-notch team whose level of care exceeds what is available elsewhere in the province.

I hope those that were in attendance are spreading the news to those who weren’t able to make it. I invite you all to step forward and to be the change that you seek in your EMS. You can reach Chief Glazer at michael.glazer@cslems.org to inquire about the positions that he has begun recruiting for and offer whatever assistance you can.

See you in station!

Glenn J. Nashen
City Councillor (Public Safety)
District 6
Cote Saint-Luc