Urgences-santé open house

On the heels of a successful kick-off event, EMS was invited to participate in Urgences-santé’s annual open house on October 15th. Hundreds of people visited the western operations centre for a tour of the building, demos from the US tactical team, the SQ, SPVM, the US-STM metro medics, SIM and much more. Participants were able to climb around in the ambulances, check out the ALS gear and meet people from different agencies. The kids were entertained by the mascots, colouring and lots of great safety messages and tips.

A big thank you to Ariane, Amber, Tania P. and Jasmit who manned (is womanned a word?) the EMS booth. Meanwhile, Sophie and Neressa were in the training centre helping to teach the newly launched “Heroes in 30” CPR-for-the-public program.

This event was another example of the strength of our relationship with US and one of many new and exciting things to come.