Understanding per diems

A number of members have asked how per diems are processed and why it takes varying amount of time to process them. So here is a crash course. Let’s call is Per diem 101.

1. Per diem forms are collected on the first business day of a new month from the binder.

2. We tabulate the information each member puts on their sheet, compare it with the schedule, the dispatch log sheets, confirm 10-05 and 10-06 times, add bonuses, subtract reductions, etc.

3. All of this info gets added to a super-duper spreadsheet, complete with hours, per diems and EMS Miles.

4. The forms, along with all of the calculations, are sent to the Finance Department who validates the info, double checks the math, etc.

5. The City does a cheque run every 2 weeks, so per diems should be received 4 weeks after the previous month’s end, depending on how the cheque run and the calendar overlap.

6. E-mail confirmations are sent to each member with their per diem info.

It may seem like a long and complicated process, but when spending public dollars, we need to follow a well documented and rigourous path, so as to avoid any problems or pitfalls.

I hope this helps everyone understand the process. If not, just ask and we’d be happy to develop the Per diem 201 course.