Author: Jordy Reichson

Welcome to the new Ready Room


After a very long two weeks,  the new Ready Room was unveiled this week. A wall is gone, new tiles are laid, new paint is spread, new lights installed and despite some small tweaks left to do, everything was moved back in.

The inconvenience was a pain,  but the results are well worth it. Enjoy!

Car flips its lid on Baily Road

The elderly driver of this car escaped with only minor injuries after accidentally pressing the gas instead of the brake pedal. This spectacular accident is the result. @CSLPublicSafety EMS and Public Security, @SPVM, @MTL_SIM and Urgences-santé were on scene.

Mourning the passing of James Sharkey

The Cote Saint-Luc Public Safety family mourns the passing of James Sharkey.

James Sharkey joined the Cote Saint-Luc Police Department in the 1960’s. When the Police Department was split to create a separate Fire Department, Mr. Sharkey began his firefighting career. Over the next four decades, he would rise to the rank of Director of the Cote Saint-Luc Fire Department. He was also named the Director of Public Security and retired in 2000.

We express our sincere condolences to his family and friends.

Congratulations on reaching important milestones

Congratulations to our volunteers who have reached important milestones in their EMS careers!

  • May
    Dawna – 18 years !
    Melaine – 18 years !
    Wivi – 10 years
    Rob D. – 7 years
    Mike L. – 6 years
    Yvan – 5 years
    Aharon – 2 years
    Kapil – 1 year
    Jasmit – 1 year


Jordy – 14 years
Raf – 5 years
Josh – 5 years
Aylon – 4 years
Matt – 3 years
Amber – 1 year
Hugo – 1 year


Jonathan – 8 years
Sam – 5 years
Manny – 5 years
Han – 3 years
Sophie – 2 years
Tania P. – 1 year


Roberto – 21 years!
Orley – 11 years
Ryan – 5 years
Mark – 4 years

Keep up the great work and dedicated service to the community !

EMS summer BBQ

On behalf of everyone who was there, a big thank you to Kelly for organizing our last EMS summer BBQ. For those of you who missed it, you can catch one of her party games in the Ready Room by matching the brand name with the generic name of many popular medications !

Keep your eyes open for the next social activity, coming this fall.

SIM Line Of Duty Death

Members of Côte Saint-Luc’s Public Safety Department were on hand on Friday, July 20 to pay their last respects to Montreal Firefighter Thierry Godfrind, who was killed in a tragic accident in the line of duty the week prior.

Joining over 2,000 firefighters, medics and safety personnel from across Canada and the United States, EMS medics Adam and Jacques, PS Lt. Tony and agent Antonio, Director Reichson and Chief Pontbriand represented the City in paying tribute to a fallen comrade. Though we wear different uniforms and perform different functions, all emergency service personnel are bound together through their service to their community and their passion for helping people in need.

May Thierry’s memory always be a blessing for his family, friends and colleagues.

A life saved

The stars were clearly aligned on June 28th for a 46 year old man who went into sudden cardiac arrest at his home. Bystander CPR was started by someone on scene. Our EMS crew of Adam and Samantha arrived alongside two police officers from Station 9. The two police officers ran upstairs to take over compressions while the EMS crew established an airway and provided ventilations, as no shock was advised on the monitor. Urgences-santé showed up shortly thereafter and by the time the patient was loaded into the ambulance, he had regained a spontaneous pulse and respirations.

Great teamwork between the services and a focus on the patient clearly made the difference. Congratulations to everyone involved in this intervention.

For more information on CPR courses for the public, please contact the Cote Saint-Luc Parks and Recreation Department at or by phone at 514-485-6806.CPR saves lives. Learn it.