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Côte Saint-Luc Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is looking for new members to join its team of volunteer medics. Members must be active, eager to get involved, ready to learn and enjoy taking on challenges and making a difference in the community. No previous first-aid training is required.

EMS courses are offered throughout the year. Students complete in-class sessions and an on-the-road apprenticeship, where they respond to real calls and put into practice the skills they learned in class. Members are encouraged to perform at least one shift per week.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is the next course?

EMS typically runs two courses per year, in the winter and fall. Courses are offered two evenings per week, with a few weekend sessions. The course consists of the provincial first responder certification and the EMS Component, which covers additional topics and lots of practice.

2. How long is the course?

The course totals about 100 hours, including the theory and practical components and exams. New members must speak fluent English and French.

3. What do I get at the end?

You will receive a first responder certification issued by the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSS).

4. Is that all I have to do to join EMS?

Not exactly. All new members also must complete an on-the-road training period, where they respond with EMS crews to real medical emergencies. The goal of this period is to help new students adapt what they’ve learned in class to the real world, to learn tips and tricks from more experienced members, and to fine tune the skills needed to become a great medic.

5. How much does it cost?

Although the actual course costs over $1,000, EMS waives a large part of that fee in exchange for one year of service to EMS (minimum two shifts per month). Students pay approximately $500, which includes the instructor, the textbooks, uniform and equipment.

6. Do I need to live in Côte Saint Luc to take the course?

Absolutely not. EMS members come from across the region, including Laval, the South Shore, the West Island and beyond.

7. I want to get into med school, is EMS good for this?

Yes, absolutely. But it shouldn’t be the only reason why you want to join. Remember that the commitment is more than a year, including the course, on-the-road training and the commitment to  volunteer. So make sure that you have enough time and are able to balance your school and work schedule with volunteering.

8. What happens if I don’t volunteer for one year? Do I have to pay the balance?

If you make an effort to meet your commitments and show your dedication to EMS, then no. Life happens and it’s hard to predict where you’ll be in a year. But if someone is using EMS to get a certificate or get a reference letter, then yes, they can be charged for the balance.

9. How do I sign up?

Thankfully, we have more demand than we have space available, so we choose the best of the best. The first step is to attend an information session (offered in the months preceding the start of each  class). At this session, further information is given, including how to join and what is involved. The next step is the interview, where different EMS members will try to get to know you better and understand who you are and what you bring to our team. Selected students will be invited to an orientation session where they will complete the required paperwork and meet their instructor.

10. I’m interested! When is the next information session?

Please e-mail us at Once the date of the orientation sessions draws near, we will let you know.

11. I have more questions, whom do I contact to get more info?

Please contact and someone will be pleased to help you with more questions.